Corporate Social Responsibility

Staff-Caring Policy:

  • Full compliance with international regulations and requirements under SA8000/BSCI.
  • Abide by the fundamental requirements on social responsibility and working condition set forth by the PRC government and nations.
  • Establish systems to ensure the above two points can be fully implemented and continually optimized on a self- motivated basis.
  • Systems and policies are easily understood by all levels of staff and are open to public.

Our statements:

  • Prohibit child labor and forced labor. Prohibit any suppliers or subcontractors using child labor or forced labor.
  • Offer reasonable packages to ensure staff can support their basic household spending. In full pay without delay.
  • Respect the rights of freedom, prohibit compulsory work in any forms.
  • Provide safety and healthy working and living environments to ensure staff are safe and in good health condition.
  • Promote labor-employer cooperation, respect the rights of establishing associations and collective negotiations.
  • Provide a fair and equal working environment, prohibit discriminations in any forms.
  • Respect human rights, prohibit insultation in any forms.
  • Implement a reasonable production plan, offer reasonable working time tables, rest hours and holidays.

Green Manufacturing Policy:

  • All products comply with ROHS, REACH, 6P, UL and FDA.
  • Use environmental-friendly and recycled raw materials, continually optimize the manufacturing process for a greater benefit to human beings and the environment.
  • Carry out production activities under primary guidelines of protecting human beings and the environment, increase the transparency of the use of chemical substance, pursuit society sustainability, etc.
智贊 鄭Corporate Social Responsibility