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Tat Shing Rubber Mfg. Co., Ltd is committed to the production of high-quality rubber products in line with international safety standards. Our rubber products can be widely used as components or parts for home electronics, stationery and accessory, toys, automobile production, sport equipment, tel-communication equipment and various other fields, creating a life full of convenience and safety.

The application and quality standard of our rubber products are illustrated in the below:

(1) Automotive Industry



Water Blade, Rubber Bumper, Car Handle, Rubber Shock Absorber Buffer.

Quality Standard:

As durable goods, automotive strictly requires rubber parts to attain exceptional quality standard. The rubber parts must be water-proof and obtain a gas-barrier, in addition, their ability of abrasion-resistant must be particularly excellent to resist shock and vibration. Only strict procedures can produce the finest rubber products that meet the requirements of automobile production.

Our Competitiveness:

As a certified automotive parts supplier under IATF16949, we are competent in manufacturing accredited rubber parts for automobile production.

(2) Medical Supplies



Protective case for medical supplies.

Quality Standard:

The design of medical supplies is complex and requires absolute quality assurance. All components and parts must be 100% precise, non-polluting, non-toxic and safe.

Our competitiveness:

We have introduced major management systems, namely, ISO9001, SA8000, ISO14001,BSCI and IATF16949, to ensure both production process and quality management strictly follow supervision systems with full confidence.

We have passed through POHS, REACH, 6P, UL and FDA requirements, all products are non-toxic and harmless .

(3) Baby Care Products



Nipples, Nipple shields.

Quality Standard:

Nipples and nipple shields are placed directly into babies’ mouth, both of their product design and quality requirements must be thoroughly considered and strictly implemented to prevent any uncertainties.

Our Competitiveness:

Our close operating relationship with China’s most sizable silicone supplier developed throughout the years have guaranteed that we enjoy a stable supply of quality silicone. Our advanced manufacturing technique and rigorous project management assures only bite and tear resistant nipples and nipple shields are produced.

With strong research and development capabilities, we provide flexible production solutions to achieve clients’ project objectives after thorough study on the project requirements.

Our products comply with ROHS, REACH, 6P, UL, FDA and LFGB requirement with toxic-free and safe-to- use quality assurance.

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