Company Prospect

The importance of sustainability in production process or finished products keeps increasing all the time in the rubber manufacturing industry. Besides, the demand on high quality and safe rubber products with authentic assurance has never been greater. Both factors have accelerated the evolution progress of rubber manufacturing to higher value.

Effective management, caring staff policy and green manufacturing are the three principles we truly embrace. From theory building to implementation, we are determined to be an excellent enterprise by withholding a greater social responsibility and satisfying the market needs.

Effective Management

Combining modern management principles with our own experience and market operation norm, we fully fulfill the requirements under 5S, IATF16949:2016, ISO14001 and ISO9001, and have developed a comprehensive management system and best practice in operation flow which can implement, learn and improve on self-motivated basis. What we anticipate as a result is that all of our business activities and manufactured products will completely comply with PRC’s law and regulations and truly accord with all relevant regulatory requirements through certification systems, which ultimately empower us to take up a leading role in the industry and ground a solid foundation for company’s success from domestic and global competitions.

Caring Staff Policy

Fully implement SA8000/BSCI. Respect, trust and cultivate our staff through an optimal working environment and incentive mechanism. Grow with our staff to create extraordinary life values.

Green Policy

We affirm the direction of sustainability across the full spectrum of production from raw materials to the manufacturing process. All raw materials are recycled and pollution free, the whole manufacturing process are continually reviewed and optimized to cut down excessive consumption and attain resource conservation.

In the future, we aim to achieve breakthrough development in the upper side of the industry through our continual capital input and technology investment. At the same time, our substantial effort on research and development will strengthen our ability for out-of-the-box design and production solutions, making us a distinctly competent rubber manufacturer.

We worked hard in the past to construct a good foundation for our steady growth in the coming days. In the future, we will embrace our corporate philosophies of “being law-abiding, innovative and responsible” to endeavor for a safe and good environment for the people.

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